*Note: since year 2014. project “Days in honor of Ivana” is called – Ivanomania.

NGO Lima and Brlicevac since 2010. organize project for children and adults in honor of most translated Croatian writer Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

Every year we’ve chosen one fairy tale as a theme:

  1. Stribor’s forrest (2011.)
  2. Fisherman Plunk and His Wife (2012.)
  3. Chasing Lapitch (2013.)
  4. Ivanomania (2014.)

Since 2014. our project will stay named Ivanomania, where we connect and mix traditional and modern (website: Ivanomania)!

Through this project we try also to promote young local artists, amateur artists, make children’s expo, fairy tales spots…

With Chasing Lapitch project we won competition by EU Commission in campaign ‘Do Ther Right Mix’ (here).


Datum: 22/04/2014